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A website made by and for Hendrik Bulens. Check out what else is on this web site.

Hendrik likes to do sports travel play music write code take pictures meet new people .

My passions in life can be narrowed down to 5 categories: travel, music, photography, sports, programming. If I am not at work, I'm most likely busy with something that concerns one of these five categories.

Bucket List

I made a bucket list to motivate myself to do things now rather than tomorrow.


I write about programming topics but I also write about some interesting events in my life.


I have traveled a lot in my life, thought I'd share some of my trips with you.


Like many other people, I cannot live without music. Besides listening to it, I produce music through a number of instruments.


Ever since I was a little boy, I was interested in computers. If it's one thing that hasn't changed in my life, it's that.


I've always liked to take pictures of anything and anyone. The last few years, I have cranked it up a notch with better scenes and better equipment.

About this site

This is my personal website. You will find all kinds of things here that keep me busy.

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